OpenHab with PIC WEB BOX


Is it possible anyhow to install OpenHab on PIC WEB Box.

Does it run an OS with a Java 8 JDK? If not the answer is definitely no.

No. It’s base on a PIC controller.

No you cant.

Do you want to run openhab on something else and integrate it into openhab

OpenHAB will not run on the PIC-WEB. The PIC-WEB is an embedded microcontroller that can be programmed in C or assembly language. The PIC-WEB does run a TCP/IP stack and it has a web server and Ethernet interface, so you can control it from a webpage. You can also use openHAB, running on a PI in my case, to talk to the PIC-WEB and in turn control hardware connected to it.

Here’s an example I developed.