openHAB with Synology DS

Dear Synology users,

I’m thinking about purchasing a Synology NAS a run openHAB there. Do you have any experience with current DS218 line? Will the PLAY version will be enough to stream video, download and run openHAB? Or there is a requirement for + version?

How about processor type - ARM vs Intel. RAM - 1GB enough?

Thanks in advance for all advices

I don’t use openHAB on Synology, but I’m a longtime Synology User.

I strongly recommend a Intel CPU because of the much better performance compared to the ARM-CPUs.

Don’t run OH on your NAS. Get a dedicated box such as a RPi.

@mstormi Why?

  • Packages are not up to date and never will be.
  • Dependencies: OH mustn’t be dependent on anything else to work (such as your Inet connection or NAS service)
  • A NAS is a proprietary, crippled Linux version that does all sort of weird stuff, leading to various problems for users who tried.
  • very few users that actually do run on NAS so very little people to help with problems

… and more. Search the forum.


@mstormi Thank You for the answer.

Any other opinions?

I recently switched my openHAB installation from an separate Linux-Server to a DS918+ and I got no problems.
openHAB runs on both systems in a docker container.
On the synology I have 9 docker container running (openhab, influxdb, grafana, MySQL, mqtt and so on) and my cc2530/31 stick is also running.
At the moment my NAS uses 2 of 4 GB RAM.
While using my Unifi Controller (also a Docker container) I think my NAS is a bit slower than the old HP Microserver Gen 8 with Celeron CPU, but on openhab I didn’t notice any difference.

Kind regards