openhab without internet

Hi, I want to install OpenHab on an administrator computer that has no internet, is that possible? Then I want to connect my computer to zigbee devices thanks to a dongle, is that also possible without internet ?

Thanks a lot !

These are possible but you will have to follow the manual installation instructions and be sure to download the add-ons bundle separately from the downloads page (option 3).

Zigbee does not require internet.

By “add-ons bundle”, you mean the point 3 of option 3 ? " (Optional) Download the add-on archives for offline use and put them in the addons folder of the extracted distribution" Thanks to that, I will also be able to connect zigbee devices ?


Well, you’ll have to install the add-on and configure it and you’ll have to have a compatible Zigbee dongle and all that. But when you install the Zigbee add-on, it will pull it from that archive instead of going out to the internet to download it on demand.