Openhab works without internet connection?

Hello everyone, I’m planning to buy a raspberry pi to change my smartthings to openhab, my question is, if I lose the internet connection I can turn my switches with openhab with the local network?



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I am a former SmartThings user as well. I think all of us who have tried this product line have the same experience at some point. We get our home automation system running and then one day the internet connection is lost and our entire home automation system stops working. Yes… SmartThings only works with an internet connection.
And yes, to add to Rossko’s answer, OpenHAB can be configured to work with no internet connection what so ever. It can be configured to run purely on a local network completely under your control only.

I’ll just add that openHAB will run without Internet, but some wifi devices may still require Internet. So, it somewhat depends on the pieces you add to your system over time. That’s relatively easy to avoid, though.

You do not need internet, just a router would keep the WiFi devices working.
And you have full access to your openHAB

Again, it depends on your system. If you only have devices and services that are accessed locally, Internet access isn’t required. However, that isn’t the case with some WiFi devices and many services.

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