Openhab + Xiaomi + Motion Sensor problem

Hello all this is my first post. I have a problem with Gateway Xiaomi (lumi gateway v3) and Motion sensor (lumi motion sensor v2) and openhab (4.4). In “mi home” it detects every move, in the openhab it is not. Sometimes you can jump in front of the sensor in mi home sensor ON in openhab is OFF. Do you know the solution to this problem?


I do not know what you are referring to, in what each movement detects and it is not, thinks that all the changes of light, it detects them as movement, in my case, at dawn and dusk, it usually happens, as well as abrupt changes of light, when passing a cloud.
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In Mi home all is well, in Openhab it is no.
Tooday Mi home Motion sensor ON -6:22 and 6:29, openhab Motion sensor ON - 6:22 (i’ts not from 6:29)

You mean problems with the hours it shows?

No. The problem is that openhab does not detect everything. The sensor detects more events

In your Xiaomi things file do you have the pollingInterval set above the default 6000 value? Have you looked over troubleshooting in the doc’s?