openHAB zmote binding

Thank you, @raaahbin for the kind words! All credits to @Temar for developing OH2 binding.

Hi @Temar ,
Many thanks for creating your Zmote binding :pray:
Do you know if the binding will work properly with OpenHAB 3.1 and the Zmote Pro?
BTW, sorry for reviving an old thread. I thought this question is still relevant here.
Hope I’m not wrong.

Hey @mjeshurun,

Don’t know if the plugin works with OH 3.1. Didn’t have time to switch to OH 3 yet. My old OH 2 setup runs so well that I did not have the motivation yet :smiley: But it’s on my TODO list.

I’m also not sure about the ZMote Pro. If it follows the same protocol it should work. I don’t have that device so I cannot test it.

Ok, thanks for the info.
I’m supposed to receive a Zmote Pro in 1-2 months. When I get it, I will test it with your binding and openHAB 3.1.
I’ll let you know how if it works.