OpenHab2 - Alexa (Echo) - Phillip Hue Farbe


i think yes. I’ll take a look and when it is installed i’ll uninstall it.

Will reply then again!..

I’ve uninstalled it now and
For the group and even my color-item i still get the information that it is not supported
"[Gruppe] | [Item] unterstützt dies nicht" -> En “[Group] | [Item] does not support that”


Did you also restart Openhab and also rediscover your devices with Alexa APP?

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Still not working. No new devices found and still not support


Delete all devices (comming from Openhab) in Alexa APP. Then rediscover them. Put them into Group “Test” again.

If that doesn’t help, I’m out! Sorry!

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I’ve also remove the openHab skill from the alexa app now and now i won’t finde any devices.

I just the only available skill called “Openhab” for Alexa. Any idea?

Btw @Celaeno1 i really appreciate your time spent for me, thanks!

Skill “Openhab for Alexa” Link is activated and “myopenhab cloud service” Link is running. And now, no devices can be found?

See here:

If you use “hueemulation” with “Openhab Skill for Alexa”, then NO COLOR is supported!

You have to use “myopenhab cloud service” for changing hue colors.

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Hello @Celaeno1

i don’t know why but now its work.
I think it a typically programmer thing, restart reconfigure and it work.

I thank you so much, really! When you may will be in Berlin sometime, leave me a message and let us get a drink, i pay.

Thanks so much!

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My pleasure. :slight_smile:

I think you have to change your channel definition and i don’t think there is any difference between Alexa App.