Openhab2 alpha2 crash on Linx machine


My Openhab2 alpha 2 is crashing on linux machine Fedora 20. with OpenJDK Runtime Environment (7.0_79-b14) (build 1.7.0_79-mockbuild_2015_04_15_06_39-b00)
These are the runtime logs

# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  Internal Error (os_linux_zero.cpp:285), pid=9118, tid=2406294624
#  fatal error: caught unhandled signal 11
# JRE version: OpenJDK Runtime Environment (7.0_79-b14) (build 1.7.0_79-mockbuild_2015_04_15_06_39-b00)
# Java VM: OpenJDK Zero VM (24.79-b02 mixed mode linux-arm )
# Derivative: IcedTea 2.5.5
# Distribution: Built on Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug) (Wed Apr 15 06:39:53 UTC 2015)
# Failed to write core dump. Core dumps have been disabled. To enable core dumping, try "ulimit -c unlimited" before starting Java again
# An error report file with more information is saved as:
# /tmp/jvm-9118/hs_error.log
# If you would like to submit a bug report, please include
# instructions on how to reproduce the bug and visit:
/opt/Runtime/ line 38:  9118 Aborted                 java $prog_args -Dosgi.clean=true -Declipse.ignoreApp=true -Dosgi.noShutdown=true -Dorg.osgi.service.http.port=$HTTP_PORT$HTTPS_PORT -Dfelix.fileinstall.dir=addons -Djava.library.path=lib -Dequinox.ds.block_timeout=240000 -Dequinox.scr.waitTimeOnBlock=60000 -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar $cp $* -console

Software Versions:
Fedora : 20

Please tell me if there is something wrong with machine configurations.

Michael Dave

I know Alpha2 is out there and is the latest release, but there has been so much changed and fixed that my opinion would be to grab the latest snapshot and give that a try. You can grab it here: openHAB2 latest builds

This looks like a JDK issue - maybe it’s worth trying The Oracle JVM rather than OpenJDK?


Old known bug:

Being Open source project why still there is no support for OpenJDK 7 ?

Even in, there is no mentioning of OpenJDK.

What do you mean with no support?

I am using OH1 and OH2 with OpenJDK now for a very long time.