openhab2 and habmin

Hi there,

I am trying to get the version from the thread title to work but I cant get it.
First, I cant find the ‘’ in the openhab distribution files from github. I might try openhab 1.8.1 and habmin first, if you guys can help me with that.
Right now, with openhab1.8.1 and habmin I get a ‘403’ when accessing http://openhab ip/habmin2 with one .jar in …/addons and one .jar in …/webapps

edit: I’ve found the ‘’, now I am getting a startup error
pi@openhab:/opt/openhab-distro/distributions/distribution-resources/src/main/resources/home $ sudo ./
Launching the openHAB runtime…
./ 6: exec: ./runtime/karaf/bin/karaf: not found

Could you guys point me to the right direction with this?


It’s a bit difficult to tell, but I suspect you’re mixing up OH1 and OH2 installation instructions. Certainly from a HABmin perspective, if you’re using openhab2, then the installation doesn’t require the webapps folder, and if it’s OH1, then there’s no JAR in the webapps folder, it’s a directory structure…

Since your edit talks about Karaf, then I assume you’re using OH2, in which case, there’s just a single JAR to install (well, 3 JARs since you’ll also need to install zwave, and possibly the serial transport bundle as well).

Hey thanks for your reply.

Yes using OH2, although its not yet about habmin since I cant even start OH2 with the error I’ve written above.

BTW: System is a Raspberry Pi with latest raspbian

first of all, read the
as far as I see - you’ve downloaded sources from the github instead of prepared snapshot.

P.S. I would not suggest you to start with OH2 if you’re new to OH

Yeah I figured that one out already. Used OH1 then but I dont see support for my CUL433/CUL868 devices. since I dont have any other hardware, I guess I cant play with OH, sadly…

Thanks for the links

actually, quick Googling gave me API for your devices and
As far, as I see - you can control your devices through the CLI (Serial) it means, that you can control them via OH

well, I guess you can say that, since you know how. Thing is, I dont. I wouldnt even know how to set that usb sticks up

Now I’ve seen that there is a Software called Homegear. Is anyone using this here?

sorry for a long reply - but have you checked