Openhab2 and Permundo PSC234

Hi Folks,

I managed to get some Enocean devices up and running with OH2, but I am having problems getting the Permundo PSC234 SmartPlug.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
This is in the .items file:
Switch SmartPlug “SmartPlug” { enocean="{id=01:97:1A:7F, eep=D2:01:08, parameter=CONTACT_STATE}" }

The following is what I see in the logs:
Power eep D2:01:08
2016-11-20 14:13:27.748 [INFO ] [org.opencean.core.eep.PowerSensor ] - State 0 Open
2016-11-20 14:13:27.751 [INFO ] [org.opencean.core.ESP3Host ] - Received RadioPacket with value Open
2016-11-20 14:13:27.754 [DEBUG] [.enocean.internal.bus.EnoceanBinding] - Received new value Open for device at EnoceanParameter: {id=“01:97:1A:7F”, parameter=“CONTACT_STATE”}
Thank you!