openHAB2 Beta Snapshot - Addons folder is empty?

If I download this

the addons folder is empty - so where do I get the addons from?

I’m actually after the very latest zwave binding but can’t track it down anywhere

Addons in openHAB2 are installed through GUI (paper or habmin), not by copying into the addons folder. Therefore it’s empty.
Take a look at:

If you just want the installed zwave binding, look at

Many thanks Sihui.
I expected that with the online distro but thought the offline distro may have contained the addons. No problem.
I have the 2.0 snapshot binding.
Is it intended that this snapshot will work with Openhab 1.8.3 (it doesn’t appear to) and, if not, where can I get the absolute latest zwave (presumeably 1.9) binding which is compatible with OH 1.8.3.