Openhab2 configure command-line minimal configuration

Hi, we are considering Openhab2, but it looks like OH2 is considerably larger than 1.8.x and requires UIs to configure etc. It is possible to install OH2 with only MQTT, NO UIs and remove all other non essential services? We plan to run OH2 on a very small Linux device (headless) and do not have much resource available. Openhab 1.8.x runs great on the platform however, there are a few bugs we would like to see if OH2 resolved. That said following online instructions to install OH2 with MQTT has not been successful. Doc refers to UIs to install and configure. Is there are way to setup and config OH2 command-line no UIs? If so is this process documented?

thanks in advance…

Larger yes in that it supports more capabilities, but it does not require UIs to configure at all. Everything can be done through text configuration files. Please see the Migration Tutorial.

Yes, there is a “minimal” package which only installs the core of OH with NO addons. You can then just install MQTT. Note that unlike with 1.8, this minimal install will not include any transformation addons either so you will need to install those as well. All of this can be done through the /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg file.

Again, see the Migration Tutorial which will walk you through this.

The “official” way to manage OH 2 will be through PaperUI so that is what the docs will refer to. However, everything can be done through config files, the Karaf Console, and/or the REST API. I wrote the Migration Tutorial to mimic the OH 1.8 experience as much as possible (i.e. 1.x version bindings, everything configured using text config files) and then let you migrate over to 2.x version bindings and ways of doing things as desired.

What kind of a small linux device are you using?
The usage of a raspberry for OH2 is still common!
I use a Raspi2,.

Hi we are considering BeagleBone Black Industrial or a BeagleBoard.