OpenHab2 + Deconz + Hue-Binding | Error in the log while everything is working

Hi, I’m using a Conbee II Stick to run a lot of zigbee devices in my OpenHab2 Installation. Everything is fully working fine but I always have the following error in my openhab.log:
Could not update element with key hue:bridge:00212E059B17 in ManagedThingProvider, because it does not exists.

Does anyone have an idea where this error comes from and how I can look further for the cause?

My configuration:
I have running deconz in the following docker container: marthoc/docker-deconz:latest
On a Synology NAS DS716+.
The Conbee Stick II firmware, the deconz Software, Docker and the Synology are all up to date.

In OpenHab 2.5.9 I have these both bindings installed:

binding-hue - 2.5.9
binding-deconz - 2.5.9

Thing file (There are many more things but I just added one each here to show the configuration. All things are working in the BasicUI perfectly):

Bridge hue:bridge:00212E059B17 "Phoscon-GW Lights" [ ipAddress="localhost" , port="8080", userName="****", pollingInterval="10", sensorPollingInterval="500"] {   
  0100 dimmlight01 "Schlafzimmer Licht Schrank" @ "Schlafzimmer" [ lightId="3" ]  

Bridge deconz:deconz:homeserver "Phoscon-GW Sensors" [ host="localhost" , httpPort="8080", port="8443", apikey="***"] {
  switch remote01 "Ikea Fernbedienung" @ "ZigBee" [ id="3" ]

Items File:

// IKEA Schranklicht
Switch  EG_Bedroom_DimLight01_Toggle            "Schlafzimmer Schranklicht"                 <light>     (EG_Bedroom, gLights)   ["Lighting", "Dimmable"]    {channel="hue:0100:00212E059B17:dimmlight01:brightness"} 
Dimmer  EG_Bedroom_DimLight01_Brightness        "Schlafzimmer Schranklicht [%.1f %%]"       <light>     (EG_Bedroom, gLights)   ["Lighting", "Dimmable"]    {channel="hue:0100:00212E059B17:dimmlight01:brightness"}

Is that your proper api key in deconz?

I changed my real apikey here to “***”

Lol I was thinking api key and looking at the bridge I’d.

As long as api key is correct and you have the thing only defined in one place it should just work. Sorry at a loss seeing the files you posted look correct and if they are seeming the updates one way it should work the other. Have to see if someone has some ideas.