Openhab2 documentation of folder structure

In my old setup,I have added icons and also custom sound files.

Preferably, this should now all be located in the conf folder.
Where are the folder locations for user customerization?

I would be great, if the user has a folder where everything which he is altering and also generation (log file and data bases like rdd4j) is gathered and the rest which will also be updated and not toughed by the user in a different location.

Maybe this is already the case but I could find any information on this.

After some playing around I was able to use custom icons located in conf/icons/classic. I’ve also added /conf/icons/basic as I use the basic UI. Haven’t removed one or the other to determine if it matters to have both or not. Note they must be svg icons and you also have to restart oh2.

Thanks for the support.

You mean that PNG icons are not supported ?!

As far as my understanding png is not supported. However, I’ve read several conflicting posts so I’m not 100% sure. Try svg first, and once you see that working in the folder structure then try a png and you’ll know for sure.