openHab2 EnOcean binding by fruggy83


Dear Daniel
Thank you very much for your work and implementation of the EnOcean binding for OH2.
It works well and as a beginner in this area even better then expected.

I now have a question I’m maybe not sure wether it is already implemented (different name of function) or not possible or …

According different EnOcean sources for documentation and/or hardware implementation, most of them, like Omnion (AWAG AG Switzerland) or Thermokon, do have either as payed or as free software tools to scan the EnOcean frequency for quality if the signal and also software to be able to do the so called “Remote Commissioning” by EnOcean standard.

My question is now if either your EnOcean binding alone or together with any supplemental software is able to achieve this as well?
The applications EasySens airScan and EasySens airConfig from Thermokon are also available for Mac OS X and are developed and based on Java. So for me it looks like it should be possible to either implement this somehow into the binding or be able to use this Java application with openHabian.

I would like to say thank you in advance for your and anyone else’s help, information and suggestions to this “Remote Commissioning” thing.

Kind regards

Hello Thomas (@thotha),

I already implemented a kind of frequency quality check in my binding. Each thing provides a channel called “Receiving status”. With this channel you can analyse the RSSI value of the last received telegram of each device. I am aware that this is not the same as the airScan application does but quite helpful. As this binding is intended for an already implemented enocean environment I do not really see an use case for implementing this functionality. I think there are some other points which are more important (EEPs, EEPs, EEPs :wink: ) However I will put it on my todo list.
The second point “Remote Commissioning” is a really interesting topic, as it makes the teachin process much easier. Therefore I already have this point on my list and currently playing around with this feature from time to time. However I am concentrating on the teach in part of the commisioning (RMCC). As the configuration part (RPC) is mainly manufacturer specific I am currently not planing to implement this feature. Some manufacturer specific messages (MSC) are already implemented (active repeater of some NodOn devices).

Best regards