OpenHAB2 GUI adding items


I’m in the pure proof or concept phase of my home automation. Worked with the demo, got that installed and displaying correctly. Trying to use it’s syntax and layout for expansion to my future setup.

When adding an item (PaperUI), be it a new group or altering an existing item. I get a 405 and it says I cannot do that.

So my question is, is the + item GUI functional, and how does it know what ‘site’ it’s meant to associate with. I see things like demo.items with contents, and I’m working on my base default.items, etc. I add them manually via text editor, but can’t seem to add it via the GUI.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or is that functionality not working correctly, or have I messed up by having more than one ‘site’? What’s the best way to clear/delete the demo from openHAB2. So I’m not confused by it’s demo items, etc.

Which version of OH 2 are you using? The Beta or Snapshot?

I’ve seen some other reports of people having issues with working with Items in PaperUI. It should work though.

However, the deal right now is OH is in the middle of a transition. If you look in the list of Bindings in PaperUI, you will see tons (most) of them are version 1.9 instead of 2.0. Beyond installation, you can do almost nothing with these bindings in PaperUI. You will have to use the .items files for those.

Until such time as most of the core bindings get a 2.0 version binding I recommend using PaperUI to manage extensions and Things but use .items files to define all of your Items.

Finally, there is currently no way to create or edit sitemaps through the UIs. To associate an Item with a site you must edit the sitemap file.

Sorry, snapshot via apt-get install.

But that’s a good tip regarding the bindings and their current transition. I didn’t get the inability for the PaperUI to interact with them directly.

I had issues with trying to create the group place holders via PaperUI, but that once again might be due to incorrect understanding of their usage. Which I assume have no related bindings to conflict with. I really should reply to these when I’m in front of my install. So I can be more specific, sorry.

But I’ll take your advice on what to only currently use PaperUI for.