openHAB2 Homekit Gardena Binding

Hello Community,

does anybody here using openHAB2 2.4.0 Snapshot with the Gardena Binding with the HomeKit Integration?
My solution is working good, but i can’t change the time for example the valve of the WaterControl is open. So if i tell Siri to switch on the WaterControl, it works and the standard time of 30 minutes is set up. Is there a chance to set up another Tag for number like a Dimmer Tag to set up for example 10 minutes instead. The same thing is the valves of the irrigation control.
Another issue is, that if i start the WaterControl through the HomeKit and stop it via Gardena Smart App, the Homekit Device does not know about the new status, so i get still the status, it is still working.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards