Openhab2 / homematic(classic) / Synology / Alexa - becoming real slow

Hi all,

Having a 214play as well as a classic homematic smart home for quite some time, I decided to move to openHAB2 using the DS as a server. I also purchased an Amazon Echo 3 weeks ago to include voice commands into my smart home.
Installation+Configuration of openHAB on the Synology went easy and did not have any challenges besides the occasionally required restart of the DS during the install process.

However, I noticed that the system, while working smoothly once restarted, becomes quite slow responding to voice commands through the Echo.
Managing the homematic components through the CCU2 works like a charm and instantaneously, but the DS is becoming very sluggish after some time, WebServices and any commands done within the DS GUI alike.
Does anyone have the same problem, and if so, how did you solve it, besides restarting the DS daily?
May this be a Memory Leak? (but I could not see any on the DS)

System components:

  • DSM6.0.2-Update9
  • Java8
  • openHAB
    Homematic CCU2, Firmware 2.25.15 (29/11/2016)

Would appreciate any ideas!
Many thanks, folks.