openHAB2, Homematic, Homekit and Thermostat combination not working properly

Hey, I’m using the current Dock version of openHAB-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT. So far I got everything up running including Homekit (Siri) and Alexa. Yesterday I tried to integrate the Homematic thermostats. I was able to change the temperature through the iOS home app. But there are two things, that are not working.

1.) The modes: As soon as I click on a mode a get the message “not responding” and there seems to be no communication with openHAB (I activate the trace log). This is not Important because I usually don’t use this function, but it’s supposed to work.

2.) Scenes: I have some scenes in the home app (there a reasons I didn’t have them in openHAB). If I added a thermostat to a scene I just get the message “updating” on the thermostat and nothing happens. I can’t set the destination temperature.

Because of 2.) I switched back to homebridge just for the thermostats. I’d rather let them be handled by openHAB2.

Any suggestions what I’m doing wrong?


Probably nothing. The HomeKit emulation is buggy.

Ah, okay. Is it because I use the snapshot version? Or is it in general?

In my case I am still on the OH2 release and here HomeKit is not working reliable.

I have problems with the thermostats and also problems with items in Homekit losing the room assignment and are set back to “standard room”.

Hi @bbubbat having the same problem with room assignment, did you find a solution?

Hi @theo69, the whole HomeKit support ist still pretty unstable. So I stopped assigning rooms and left them in the default room. Hope this will be fixed in the near future.

Hi @bbubbat okay than I am not stupid ;-). I am new to this. How stable is your homekit binding working in general? What items are you using?

Hi @theo69 no, you are not stupid :slight_smile: HomeKit integration in OH2/2.1 does not work very well. Currently HomeKit crashes after several hours. So I have to restart OH at least once a day.

At the moment I only use remote switches and sockets. Most of them are from Homematic. I stopped using Homematic thermostats in HomeKit because they do not work as expected. Prior to OH2 I used homebridge which works nearly perfect with HomeKit. But it lacks the flexibility of OH.

Because of the broken HomeKit integration I started using Alex which works pretty well with OH. But I still have hope that the HomeKit integration will improve some day.

Thanks @bbubbat I am just switching to homebridge, and its running without problem since 3 days… now waiting for my Xiaomi Stuff and aqara switches :slight_smile: