Openhab2 hue light and RFXCOM remote


I am setting up openhab2. I have installed the Hue lights binding, and te RFXCOM binding. I have a “klikaanklikuit” (433Mhz) remote as a thing and a Hue light as a thing. I made one dimmer item for the Hue light and in the paper UI the dimmer item works fine. When i connect the same item (the dimmer item) to the remote thing (so the dimmer item is connected to 2 channels) the item changes in the paper UI when i press te button on the remote, but the Hue light does not go on. When i change te slider in the paper UI the Hue light still works.

Does anybody knows whats wrong?

thanks in advance!

EDIT: I see a difference between changing the slider in the paper UI and changing with the remote. When changing in the paper UI, there is not only a change in the log file, but also a command. Using the remote there is only a change. Do i need to use a rule to make this work?

A Button/Switch can’t control a Dimmer … I think

Please show your Karaf Log … when pressing the Button on the Remote

A Dimmer item supports the “OnOff, IncreaseDecrease, Percent” command types, so it should be possible to use a Switch item (supports OnOff) to turn on/off a Dimmer Item. If you need a rule or not depends on how your items are configured. Could you share you items and things files as well as the relevant sections of the openhab.log ?

Yes … but the Button/Switch must connect to the HUE switch item … not to the HUE Brightness Item :wink: I think thats the Problem here …

We need more Information to help :wink:

the problem is, there is no switch channel. Only brightness en alert channel. Do I have to add the switch item by myself?

Normally, all available channels show up in the PaperUI. Perhaps you should consider to have two different items, but write a rule to let them update each other?

There is a Channel for Switch :wink: … inside the Brightness

It depends what the Thing for the RFXCOM remote looks like. Probably it has a switch channel. So you would link a Switch Item to that and then link the same Switch Item to the Thing to be controlled via its colour, dimmer or switch channel (all of which are switchable and accept Switch Items).

But that still won’t work here. The stock RFXCOM binding only sends State updates (which update the Item but are not passed on to other Things linked to the Item) and not Commands (which do both). Therefore you have to use a rule to send a command to the light when the switch Item receives an update.

Or you need PR#2103. I never managed to get it accepted sadly. No one should need to write code just to make a switch turn a light on! That’s just… wrong…

Cool, thanks for your Reply. I will look to PR#2103. If that doesn’t work I will write some rules :slight_smile: