Openhab2 init.d script disappeared

Hi folks,

please excuse in case this is a stupid question.

I am running my main OH server on V 2.5.1 on a RPi 3b+.

However my backup server and my test server have upgraded to V 2.5.3 upon running apt-get upgrade.

Now on both the script /etc/init.d/openhab2 has disappeared.

Any explanation for that?


If you are running a recent Raspbian, they use systemd instead of the init system.

sudo systemctl start openhab2
sudo systemctl stop openhab2
To enable or disable auto start
sudo systemctl enable openhab2
sudo systemctl disable openhab2

A current Raspbian version uses systemd instead of vsysinit.

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So it seems it was done on purpose :grinning:
Ok thanks all…

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