openHAB2 install on Intel QNAP NAS

Could someone help me with QNAP install of openHAB2? I love the fact that ver. 2 comes with Paper UI and would like to take advantage of it. Is there a way to install .zip version posted on without .qpkg generated installation package?

that depends a little on which version you have. I have the 451+ and there are 2 options to run OpenHAB without qpkg packages.

  1. Install Virtualisation Station and run a linux VM. Thats the way I’m going to take to move my OpenHAB from Raspberry to the QNAP.
    -No automatic USB passthrough after restart/startup of the VM. So I need to manually start the VM after i.e. powerloss to allow OpenHAB to communicate with my z-Wave stick.
  2. Install Linux Station (not tested if possible to run OpenHAB on it).
    -bloated Linux system. I don’t need all these programs installed just to run OpenHAB
    -Photo/Video station cannot be run in parallel with Linux Station (no problem for me because I don’t use this stuff).

All in all both ways have their drawbacks. I think I can live with the need of manually booting OpenHAB as I don’t intend to restart the machine very often.

Going with VMs allows for easy testing before moving to new versions of OpenHAB, which I prefer over all the other pros and cons.

Yes, both are draw backs as I also have my surveillance station and bunch of other server services running. QNAP is Linux based NAS and qpkg’s are created so there is a clean way to uninstall. There is a beta openhab2 but it does not have an option to install paper UI for easier management plus I was never able to run it. Don’t know why? I have TS-470 pro.

You should just be able to extract the latest snapshot to whatever location you choose and run it, as long as you have the JRE qpkg installed.

There is an openHAB qpkg of the latest v2.0 beta 3 available that has the Paper UI -

Maybe that will do what you’re after?

Got it working…i see there are some bindings I can download…got my wemo working, would like to install ip camera binding but don’t know how. I have found thread about working binding but can’t find it in stock bindings that are part of Paper UI. Also, directory structure is different then in openHAB 1.8 It seems that all folders are in distribution folder. Any chance someone could help me on getting ip camera binding working with openHAB2?


You need to spend some time reading the openHAB2 section of the forum. There are a few people running through the upgrade process from 1.8 to 2.0 at the moment and you’ll be able to glean most information you need from their posts.

All the info you are after is there, and if you had 1.8 running then it’s not a huge jump to getting 2.0 set up. However if 2.0 is your first foray into openHAB, be prepared for many hours reading/searching these forums :wink:

The site is slowly getting populated with info, and might provide a few clues even in its current incomplete state.

As for the ip camera binding, I am guessing that it’s a 1.8 specific binding so you’ll need to download that .jar file from the 1.8 install files, and then place it in the addons folder for OH2. Finally enable the 1.x compatibility layer in the PaperUI settings.