Openhab2 - knx -shutter position not read


I am migrating from openhab1.8.2 to openhab2.0.0-3 (latest version for QNAP).

With 1.8 I was able to read the position of all my shutters.
Now, with OH2 some positions are not read while other are read.
The difference is that shutters defined like

Rollershutter Rollladen_EG_SZ_T		"SZ Tür [%d %%]"		<blinds>	(gEG_SZ, gShutters, gKNX)		{ knx = "2/0/3, 2/0/2, <2/0/5"}

work, while shutters defined like

Rollershutter Rollladen_EG_EZ_O 	"EZ Ost [%d %%]"		<blinds>	(gEG_EZ, gShutters, gKNX)		{ knx = "2/3/3+0/1/1, 2/3/2+0/1/0, <2/3/15"}

don’t work.

The only difference is, that the second definition has some listeningGAs.

Is this a bug or do I need to something different in OH2 compared to OH1.8?
Any idea?

Kind regards,

No listening GA for the Increase/Decrease Command Type (middle part, second comma)

My example config:

/* Ground Floor Rollershutters = knx=Up/Down,Step/Stop,GoTo+<Status */
Rollershutter	P11_J1		"P11_J1"		<rollershutter>	(GF_P11_Living,Shutters,gKNX)	{knx="2/0/0,2/0/1,2/3/0+<2/2/0"}

Hi Dim,

thanks for your answer, but I think my shutters follow the rule at shown in the example which you mention

/* Rollershutters  Up/Down, Stop/Move, Position */
Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Living "Shutter" (GF_Living, Shutters) { knx="4/2/10, 4/2/11, 4/2/12" }

with Stop/Move as middle part.
Additionally this example shows also the listeningGAs just a few lines above.

knx="<4/2/10+0/2/10, 5.001:4/2/11+0/2/11"
knx="<(60)4/2/10+0/2/10, 5.001:4/2/11+0/2/11"

The same configuration worked well with my OH1.8 installation therefore I expected that it should work with OH2 as well.
And BTW, it is even worth, listeningGAs are not allowed at all.
I guess this will cause my KNX system the get out of sync.

Any further comment or idea?


This example uses 2 sections (only 1 comma). This is for rollershutters that do not support Increase/Decrease Command Type.

Your first post had 3 sections (2 commas used). The middle section is for Increase/Decrease.

I haven’t seen any examples that use a listening GA for the middle section (as the docs write: “no listening GAs here as INCREASE and DECREASE are only commands but not valid states”)

The binding configs should be the same in OH2 since the KNX binding is still the same (1.x)

Did you try to use the listening GA in the 3rd section to see if it works:

Rollershutter Rollladen_EG_EZ_O 	"EZ Ost [%d %%]"		<blinds>	(gEG_EZ, gShutters, gKNX)		{ knx = "2/3/3+0/1/1, 2/3/2, 2/3/15+<0/1/0"}

Yes, I checked it, as soon as I use listeningGAs then the position is not read anymore.
If the knx-binding should work identically under OH2 as under OH1.8 then this seems to be a bug.


I experienced the same. As soon as I use listeningGAs (independent if dimmer, switch or something else) the defined item doesn´t work anymore.
Example for a simple switch:
{ knx = “<0/1/1” } works
{ knx = “0/1/1+<0/1/0” } works at startup, means reads from 0/1/0 at knx binding startup but sending an ON command results in a “item received command ON” but not in a “item changed status from OFF to ON” in the log file. Nothing happens on the knx bus.