Openhab2 Logitech Squeezebox Problems

hi Guys,

i have a problem by adding squeezebox player. The Log always says Status=INITIALIZING.

My .things File:
Bridge squeezebox:squeezeboxserver:myServer [ ipAddress=“”, webport=9000, cliport=9090 ]
Thing squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:myServer:4780c48c7d22 [ mac=“47:80:c4:8c:7d:22” ]

openhab> things:
squeezebox:squeezeboxserver:myServer (Type=Bridge, Status=ONLINE, Label=SqueezeBox Server, Bridge=null)
squeezebox:squeezeboxplayer:myServer:4780c48c7d22 (Type=Thing, Status=INITIALIZING, Label=SqueezeBox Player, Bridge=null)

When I create the things with the Paper UI, it works fine and the server’s name is the Bridge value of the Player.

Could anybody help me?

Thank’s a lot

Hey sparky
Happens to me too, whenever I add a server or a player. A quick restart of openhab2 typically resolves this issue for me.
Good luck

hey markus,

in my case, this doesn’t solve the problem. It seems that the player does not found the server (the bridge section is empty).
Could you show me your code?
Thank you

Hey sparky,
so sorry. Typically, in OH2, I simply configure the bridge first, otherwise, the players won’t be found. IP address and ports (in case you changed them suffice) will need to be adapted to your setup

Once the server initialize, it finds in my case all players in the inbox and I can then add them as things.
Works on raspberries, ubuntu and debian for that way. But in all cases, I will need to restart openhab2 to initialize the players. The bridge frequently does initialize, but not always.
The bridge does not get found automatically as it requires the IP address, I have to add it manually.
Hope that helps

Hey markus,

first, thanks for your help.
The way you describe it works for me too.
After installing the squeezebinding via Paper UI the Logitech Media Server was found and I can install it.
When the server is installed and online the player can be installed and configured.

My understanding is the following:
I create two Things, a Logitech Server and a Logitech Player via Paper UI.
But, how can I access this ‘automatically’ generated Things to create Items via Smarthome Designer?
Is there a file in the openhab system where this generated config is stored? Where?

Normally I do the following steps:

  1. create a Things File (including Server(Bridge) and Player (thing)).
  2. create a Items File to access different channels
  3. create a sitemap File and a rules file
    These steps are clear to me. The Problem is that the Player (Thing) is still initializing.

I hope that I didn’t descripe my problem too confusing :slight_smile:

Hi sparky,

No you are very clear and your problem looks very familiar to the behaviour I have observed too. However, I stopped investigating this issue, once I noticed that after OH2 discovered all things (I have 6 players and a bridge) and they all hang at the ‘initializing’ status, a simple restart of OH2 at that time does resolve my problem.
Maybe some one with greater knowledge and more experience will weigh in here.

Hi guys, a lot has changed in the eclipse smart home framework around initializing bridges and devices, which sounds like what is happening here. Unfortunately I have not touched the binding in a while and its not super high on my list of todo’s. If anyone else wants to lend a hand I would be happy to help out.

Wish I could. but considering that I have zero Java experience, last programmed over 20 years ago and the fact that the magic of OH2 is based on concepts that went far beyond were I left off (which was around the time when object-oriented programming was just becoming mainstream…yes, I proudly used the first Pascal version that offered that…and dating myself with that statement too), I am afraid I will forever remain an admiring user, struggling to keep with the application rather than creation. I am not holding my breath, but I will certainly jump in should my learning curve progress faster than your working through your todo list :grin:

@mhilbush was kind enough to do something about this and has a pr submitted, hopefully it gets accepted soon!

and my gratitude to @mhilbush and @digitaldan it is much appreciated :smile:

Well, let’s wait to make sure my changes fix the problem. :slight_smile: Hopefully the changes will be merged soon.

The PR was merged this morning, so it should be in tonight’s nightly build. Let @digitaldan and me know if it resolves the issue for you.

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So far so good, seems to be all working now, my thanks to both of you @mhilbush and @digitaldan

I still have this problem. I am using Snapshot Build 456. My players are always in the status initializing. When I add them using paperUI it works without problems.

@KPaul20005 Do you know how to put the squeezebox binding into debug mode? If so, would you be able to capture the debug log messages during startup? That might help explain what’s happening.

Also, can you run this command to show the things? This will list all the things in OH. We would be interested only in the ones starting with squeezebox. Replace /opt with the path to your OH installation.

/opt/openhab/runtime/karaf/bin/client things


What does your things file look like? I think it should look like this:

 Bridge squeezebox:squeezeboxserver:myServer [ ipAddress="", webport=9000, cliport=9090 ] {
    Thing squeezeboxplayer myPlayer [ mac="b8:27:eb:16:3f:1e" ]


  • with the address of your server
  • b8:27:eb:16:3f:1e with the mac address of the player

I tried this and the server and player both came up ONLINE.

Doing it as described at the beginning of this thread doesn’t work.


Would you be able to try the things file format in my post here ^^^^ as compared to the format in your original post?

OK I managed to get it running. Thanks a lot for the help. I think the README in the repo should be changed because it does not work with the configuration described there.

Yeah, I saw that, too. I’ll update the README.