Openhab2 Loxone Binding Heating


Anyone else missing heating control in openhab2? I am searching for people who want to add the intelligent room controller so I finally can control my room temperature with Openhab!

Or if someone could explain to me how to start maybe I can figure it out for myself but I am not that great with programming.

Thank you guys!

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Thanks for your reaction! But will this work with Loxone? Because everything is already configured within Loxone…

Sorry I am pretty new here, big noob… Just got my lights working with Openhab thought it would be nice if my heating could be configured within the same app (don’t like the app from loxone)



Sorry didn’t find this page until now :sweat_smile:

Let’s see if I can get it up and running, will keep you posted

openHAB is device independent. It doesn’t care whether you are using Loxone, Nest, Zwave, or DIY. That’s kind of the point. Most of these should work with any type of heating system. If Loxone can talk to OH any of those should work just fine.

So I have something like this to read out the temperature off the room

Number Maarten_Temp “Temperatuur Kamer Maarten: [%.1f °C]” {channel=“loxone:miniserver:504F941140F3:12606d52-00ba-954f-ffff5e796422dd79”}

I am not very sure where I am going wrong, but it doesn’t give me the temperature…
Little help please :slight_smile:

These are the control ID’s from that controller. I think I am doing something wrong with the channel.

12606d52-00ba-954b-ffff5e796422dd79 {11}
name : +1 Slpk Maarten
type : IRoomController
uuidAction : 12606d52-00ba-954b-ffff5e796422dd79
room : 1254b56a-025e-19a6-ffff403fb0c34b9e
cat : 1254d2ac-0391-280f-ffff403fb0c34b9e
defaultRating : 10
isFavorite : true
isSecured : false
details {3}
restrictedToMode : 2
temperatures {7}
0 {1}
isAbsolute : false
1 {1}
isAbsolute : true
2 {1}
isAbsolute : true
3 {1}
isAbsolute : true
4 {1}
isAbsolute : true
5 {1}
isAbsolute : false
6 {1}
isAbsolute : false
format : %.1f°
states {17}
tempTarget : 12606d52-00ba-9573-ffff5e796422dd79
tempActual : 12606d52-00ba-954f-ffff5e796422dd79
error : 12606d52-00ba-9571-ffff5e796422dd79
mode : 12606d52-00ba-956f-ffff5e796422dd79
serviceMode : 12606d52-00ba-9570-ffff5e796422dd79
currHeatTempIx : 12606d52-00d9-958d-fffffec9b4002313
currCoolTempIx : 12606d52-00d9-958e-fffffec9b4002313
override : 12606d52-00ba-9576-ffff5e796422dd79
isPreparing : 12606d52-00ba-9577-ffff5e796422dd79
valveHeat : 12606d52-00ba-9566-ffff5e796422dd79
valveCool : 12606d52-00ba-956a-ffff5e796422dd79
openWindow : 12606d52-00ba-9550-ffff5e796422dd79
stop : 12606d52-00ba-9557-ffff5e796422dd79
overrideTotal : 12606d52-00ba-957c-ffff5e796422dd79
movement : 12606d52-00ba-957b-ffff5e796422dd79
manualMode : 12606d52-00ba-957d-ffff5e796422dd79
temperatures [7]
0 : 12606d52-00ba-9558-ffff5e796422dd79
1 : 12606d52-00ba-9559-ffff5e796422dd79
2 : 12606d52-00ba-955a-ffff5e796422dd79
3 : 12606d52-00ba-955d-ffff5e796422dd79
4 : 12606d52-00ba-955e-ffff5e796422dd79
5 : 12606d52-00ba-955c-ffff5e796422dd79
6 : 12606d52-00ba-955b-ffff5e796422dd79
subControls {2}
12606d52-00d9-958b-fffffec9b4002313 {8}
12606d52-00d9-958c-fffffec9b4002313 {8}
128460c3-014b-8ca0-ffff403fb0c34b9e {10}

Because Intelligent room controller V1 isn’t supported yet:

Big bounty!