OpenHAB2 Migration, ZWave and Exec not working

Hello, I recently migrated from openhab 1.7 to openHAB 2, however nothing seems to be working! xD… I’ve tried various different things to try and get my Exec binding to work or my Zwave. The zwave throws an error saying that "/dev/ttyUSB0/ does not exist. I’ve checked in the console and verified using “ls /dev/tty*” and it is indeed there. The binding used to previously work with my openHAB 1.7 installation. My exec binding is also not working, however i’m not sure how to troubleshoot that because i’m not aware of how to setup the exec binding in openHAB 1.7

Can anyone help me? My ultimate goal was to connect my Amazon Echo Dot to my OpenHAB installation, but It seemed to require me to update to openHAB2 (A decision I’m now regretting)

Thanks in advance guys!!

First, did you follow the migration tutorial?

Secondly, are you using the legacy 1.9 version of these bindings or the 2.0 versions?

The error you site usually means the user under which openhab 2 is running (the openhab user for atp-get installs) doesn’t have permission to read and write to the device. The usual solution is to add the openhab user to the dailout group.

There are a ton of things that can go wrong with exec. See

For some general advice.

I’m using the 2.0 binding and I just added the openhab user to dialout. But the exec binding usage is unclear to Me… How would I go bout having a . sh script to run when a switch is toggled to an On position… And then a different script when it togged to off?

I don’t think that is a use case that the 2.0 exec binding current supports. There were recently some changes and additions to the binding so this may not be true any longer. I recommend either using a rule with executeCommandLine or revert back to the 1.9 version of the binding for now.

Oh, Alright. Thanks Much