OpenHab2 missing actions-ui-persistence-transformations

I tried OpenHab2 some weeks ago(just playing arround on hello world level),
but there was no Dect300 support

now there is Dect300 support, so I downloaded OpenHab2 and the addons package
but somehow there is less in the OpenHab2 then before

It should look like

but on my laptop I have only “binding,voice,mic” and “actions,ui,persistence,transformations” are missing
I have an Fritzbox and can see Dect200 but thats all
I am not able to install JDBC,Postgres and other UI like the last time
also I can’t see the Dect300 support, even with the addons package in \openhab-2.0.0\addons

last time I could also chose between three AVMFritzbox bindings(?)

any suggests?

edit:system ist win7 32bit

Try to set package = expert in conf/addons.cfg to see if it will help

Which version of OH2? on Linux/Windows?

ah, thx
now I can see more.
Do I need something more for Dect300 addon?
Have two of them registered on my Fritzbox, but battery is low or depleted
should I see them anyway because of the Fritzbox settings?

I am not sure… In theory, the AVM FRITZ! Binding ( should be enough.
I don’t know if the DECT300 model is fully supported by the binding.

Edit: It seems so…(Link) Try it out.

Dect300 is not part of org.openhab.binding.avmfritz-2.0.0.jar

have already the openhab-addons-2.0.0.kar in my addons folder, but can’t see the Dect300

I believe that you will need to remove the existing 2.0.0 binding and use the 2.1 Snapshot binding
Support for the DEC300 was added recently (10 days ago):

thx it works :slight_smile:

have now the snapshot in my /addons folder
kicked the old binding and the dect300 popped up
after that I reinstalled the AVM binding again to see the dect200

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