Openhab2 Mqtt node working but not as it should

so im fairly new to openhab with that said im doing a degree in IT so i ahve picked it up quite fast.

i do however have a small issue. my system works fine just not consistantly

so im using espeasy due to how fast it was to get up and running… will change to somthing more streamlined later. i have one dht22 and 4 relays setup. all working and sending data just fine. but its not all the time. if i reboot the system (ubuntu server) it takes sime time fior the dht readings to be displayed. and say on in every 3 times i press a switch openhab will not send the mqtt request. i know its openhab, when it works fine it can be seen in mqtt.fx, when it stops working if the switch is flicked (software switch) a few times it works and can be seen in mqtt.fx

im sorry for the quite bad english im dyslexic.

not sure whats going on here. its almost like there is a dealy and the message gets dropped.

i have fixed it please see this post

looked at the openhab logs and seen i have the same issue goin on here. but sopt on now.

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