openHAB2 Native Calendar Binding/Add In


I’m looking for a native openHAB2 calendar integration to use in my openHAB automation. I noticed that that there is a Google Calendar Scheduler, and CalDAV bindings available. Although they will work with openhab2, I’m wondering if there’s something that will continue to work when openHAB3 rolls around. Is there such a thing or is anyone working on such a thing?


All openHAB 2 bindings are expected to work under OH3 (if the binding name does not end on 1, it‘s an openHAB 2 binding). To my knowledge there is no additional binding in preparation regarding calendars.

There is a new iCalendar binding available in the 2.5.x releases. So far, it has been working great! It works well as a replacement for CalDav Command, but it has not (yet?) implemented all of the features available in CalDav Personal.


Thank you @J-N-K and @5iver

I just installed iCalendar, and it looks straightforward enough.

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