OpenHAB2 NeoHub Compatibility Test

I would like to perform the compatibility test for the neohub binding.
I so far managed to setup my openhab2 ide and start the runtime out of eclipse via the default run configuration.
(I also selected the neohub binding and I see it is active in the console)

Now, pretty basic question, with the default configuration, where is my openhab home folder and where do I need to place the items and openhab.cfg file. I read in conf/services, but in which folder?

According to log these are my command-line arguments:

Command-line arguments: -application -data /Users/sprehn/openhab2-master/ws/…/runtime-org.openhab.runtime.product.product -dev file:/Users/sprehn/openhab2-master/ws/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.pde.core/openHAB_Runtime/ -os macosx -ws cocoa -arch x86_64 -consoleLog -console

If you just want to test compatibility the best way IMO is to set up an install of openHAB and try it in a real world situation. The openHAB runtime in the IDE is a bit different to the real version.

So I created a fresh install of OH2 and dropped my jar file out of the latest 1.8.1 distribution into the addons folder.

I also created a openhab.cfg config file.

I see my binding start and stop after a pretty much exaclty one minute.

What do I do next? I cannot seem to add a new item (or Thing) via the Paper UI. (But I noticed I cannot do this for other bindings either that are already in the OH2 distribution, e.g. Onkyo)

Can somebody give me the next hint?

OK, found it. The immediate=true flag solved it. Meanwhile I found that this is already fixed in upstream. Tested the binding successfully. will now create the PR.