OpenHAB2 on Cisco UCS-E

Hi All,

Im consolidating my devices and will be using a Cisco 3945 router at home. Its being delivered with a UCS-E 140S, which is a 6Mb cache, 1GHZ Quad Core Xeon, 8GB ram and Hardware Raid 1, with 1TB.

Is this CPU plenty for OH2 on Ubuntu ?

Router will also have a Gigabit & 100Mbit Switch module to power cameras and other POE devices on my network.


Compared to a Raspberyy PI with 1GB RAM, I thing this sounds good enough. :slight_smile:
And most users are running openHAB on a RasPi without big performance issues.

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Cool. The Raspberry has Quad Cores though!

Whoa, are you in the hosting business ? Never seen any privateer to own a UCS box nor real Cisco router.
Yes that’s plenty of power, but a RPi3 will do as well. Doesn’t consume that much power. Go for a green DC :slight_smile: .

Hi markus, i work in networking :slight_smile: but I’ve never used UCS-E blades before, given this 3945 came with it I might as well return the core I was using under ESXi to my BlueIris CCTV system and run OH2 on this.

Idea is to actually put 2 x UCS-E blades in the router, 140D for BlueIris and the 140S for OH2. Just not sure the 140D can tolerate 10 x CCTV cameras without having a dedicated GPU & QuickSync