Openhab2 on DietPi(aggressively optimized for SBCs) Vs Raspbain

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Hi all.
I have been using OH2 for quite a few months now. Earlier my setup was on Pi-3b+ with raspbain, however lately I have shifted to a software named Diet-Pi. Diet-Pi is the most lightweight software for SBCs i.e. very light on resources( which are very limited on SBCs) and runs on many other SBCs besides Raspberry Pi as well. Please checkout their page for more details.
The thing I want to talk about is that Diet-Pi adds optimized softwares to their OS and those optimized softwares can be very easily installed by selecting from the menu. They have already added HomeAssistant to their list and there is voting going on for adding other softwares as well. Openhab has about 7 votes till now whereas Domoticz is leading by 50.
So I request you all to vote for OH2.
Here is the link

Update: Openhab on 28, Some Other leading with 56 votes.
We Need a lot more votes

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That’s an excellent suggestion.

I’ve added my vote.

But in fairness it was incredibly easy to add openHAB2 to DietPi on the ODroid C2 units, either manually or using the openhabian script.

The only minor issue I had was with user privileges for NodeRed, but Michal gave excellent advice to quickly resolve that.

The exact instructions are ;

mkdir -p $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/node-red
usercmd='useradd -rMU'
getent passwd nodered &> /dev/null && usercmd='usermod'
$usercmd -d $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/node-red -s $(command -v nologin) nodered
getent group gpio &> /dev/null && usermod -aG gpio nodered
echo 'nodered ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL' > /etc/sudoers.d/nodered
chown -R nodered:nodered $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/node-red

I’ve also added all the information to get NodeRed onto the openHAB2 dashboard in that thread.



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Wow !
OH reached 11 already. Now we need just about 45 more votes to make it lead by a fair margin. Thanks

Reached 16. Can someone please bring more people here. Or maybe post this link in a pinned post so that more folks get to see it and we can get more votes faster.

20 :wink:

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23 :slight_smile:

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domoticz getting 51 votes and we are still on 25. Y.

32 :slight_smile:

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