Openhab2 on qnap nas cannot find config files (.things, .items, ....)

  • Platform information: QNAP
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage X86/16gb
    • OS: what OS is used and which version QTS 4.4.x
    • Java Runtime Environment: _which java platform is used and what version_jdk 8
    • openHAB version: 2.4

default .qpkg install of 2.4 openhab2
I cannot find the .things/.items etc config files…anywhere.
I have tried to search using: env, printenv, find, and ls. none have found the config files.

Yes I am new to both Linux and openhab2 so be gentle please.
I have manual created things, items, in the paper ui so I know they are out there.

OpenHAB 2.5 was released last weekend. You may want that instead of a year old version.

There aren’t any until you make some. There should be folders ready for them, something like /conf/items etc. Or did you install the Demo?

thank you for the replies, I appreciate it.

I have created both things and items both by discovery and by manually creating them…so…
I did not install the demo and I do have working things and items.
The /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/OpenHab/conf folders do exist but the only files in any of them are the readme files. no .things or .items in the things and items folders.

They must exist somewhere…right?

Yeah, poor timing on my part to get it all up and running 1.5 weeks ago. Once I get the locations nailed down I probably will update to 2.5.

Only if you made them.

Creating Things and Items in PaperUI does not create xxx.things or xxx.items files. Those go into a magical JSONDB store.

These are alternate means to manage Things and Items, not two parts of the same process. The end results are the same - openHAB objects. But the sources are different.

See, I told you I was green on this. So the paper ui does not generate a .things file…hmm.
Would I be correct in assuming that there is a very well documented way to get the config info from the things I have already discovered and created into the conf folders then? And then the conf folders supersede the “JSONDB store” config info that exists out there?

Well, not really. xxx.items files etc. are a legacy from OH1. OH2 “native” config is via UI with no user file editing.