openHAB2 (online) snapshot (.deb file) - no paperui, basic etc


Just upgraded my OH2 setup with the snapshot file ( Altough, after installation I do not have anything in the web UI (http://IP:8080/). Also - connecting to Karaf during start does not show any intent to start any of the applications (paper, basic, habmin, etc). In my /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg I have stated:

ui = habpanel,basic,paper,habmin

What am I missing here ?

Snapshot version:


Resolved by reinstalling the .deb-file. Obvious something local.

I have the same… Reinstalling (apt-get purge&install) didn’t help

Oh, ok :confused:

i abondoned the apt packages and went for the .deb file (“manual” install via dpkg).

Anything helpful in your log file?

Same here (on build #618)… (I didn’t see anything wrong in the logs)
I added in my /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg the following and all works fine:

ui = basic,paper,habpanel,habmin

I actually like this setting better… it’s cleaner :slight_smile:


I understood what happened. I overwrite some configuration files at /etc/openhab2/ from backup. which I made at OH2beta4. Something changed in new version files, that’s why OH2 started without packages

I had to reconfigure hue and zwave extension. And my zwave devices do not shows. So somthing strange in the last deb file

See here:

Since Build #624, OH2 uses a new (better) way to store info in a database. You will need to reconfigure your OH2 after this change.


Ok. But after reconfigure zwave and netatmo. The things shows up, but not updates any values and dont shows under control in PaperUi. hue and sonos seems to work ok