OpenHab2 + Plex Media Server on RPi3

Hi All,

I would like to know if anyone is running OpenHab2 and Plex media server from the same RPi?
I have RPi3 with Openhab2 running fine and want to expand to using plex for my media.


Depends how good your plex clients are…if they need transcoding, I expect you’ll kill the rpi.

But if they can direct access everything you might get away with it.

I believe both Plex and openHAB want to use the same port for automatic discovery (port 5000 IIRC) (i.e. open the phone app and it automatically sees your OH instance without needing you to enter the host and port). So you will have to disable automatic discovery on one or the other to run them both on the same machine.

Plex on an RPI3 sounds like a really bad idea.

@psyciknz is right. Direct play MIGHT be ok, but if you need transcoding (which is phones, tablets, embedded TV apps, web browsers, etc most clients) it’s not going to work. Doing so would create a really high level of instability for your OH2 instance or any other services you have running on the same machine.

To do a just a single 720P transcode in plex, you need at least a basic desktop processor like an i3, but in this case, more is definitely better.

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