Openhab2, Razberry and Z-Wave Security

I’ve been trying to get a test-system up and running using a:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Razberry Z-Wave Module
  • Fibaro Wall Plug
  • Fibaro Multi Sensor
  • Aeontec Sirene

Everything works fine in the setup with the Razberry Z-Way-Server and corresponding interfaces. I can add, manage and control all three devices fine. However, when I add the whole thing to OpenHab2, I have problems using both Paper UI and HABmin. The plug can turn on/off, but the sirene cannot turn on/off, and the sensor is not even recognized by the OpenHab2 system, even though I can see the product number in the device database.

Now, I’ve read something about Z-Wave Security and this not being supported by OpenHab2. First, I thought the secure communication was just an issue between the controller and the device. I.e. something the Razberry negotiated with the device directly, without having an impact on the API. However, I have read somewhere that apparently Z-Wave Security is not supported by OpenHab2, and this confuses me. So the secure/encrypted data transfer between controller and device is relevant to OpenHab2 after all?

Anyway, I am left in a situation where I cannot get my Z-Wave test devices to work with OpenHab2, and the entire test seems failed, because this setup will not work for my home.

  1. Can someone please explain the supported / unsupported Z-Wave Security and implications thereof?

  2. Is there a way to get around this? I have tried using the Z-Way software to add the devices without security, but it seems not to work anyway.

Yes, the secure communication is implemented by a separate zwave command class, (SECURITY) which is not yet supported by openHAB 2. There is an experimental implementation for the 1.9 binding I think to support zwave locks (search the forum for Kwickset).

To get around this people often use a Vera or Wink Hub to communicate with the device and the appropriate binding in OH to communicate with that hub.

Thank you for the clarification. - I’ve looked into getting a Wink or a Vera Plus hub, but both would be adding a device and cost to the system. Obviously, I would not have needed the Razberry in the first place.

  1. I think OpenHab should “advertise” a bit more that the Z-Wave binding is in fact rather useless, because IMHO the missing support for Z-Wave Security is important.

  2. The Razberry comes with a pretty neat API, which for instance the Razberry’s own frontend UIs use. - Why not create an OpenHab binding to the Razberry API, instead of talking native Z-Wave?

  • I get that a native Z-Wave implementation would remove vendor-dependency (for the Razberry or other Z-Wave dongles), but considering the security issue, I think the native approach has failed so far.

  • The Razberry for integrated use with a Raspberry Pi board must be one of the finest ways of building an own controller for OpenHab and Z-Wave, so I think many would like a better binding, either native or via the Razbery API.

  • Creating a binding via the Razberry API would to my knowledge eliminate the need to disable the Z-Way-Server, which otherwise blocks the interface, thus allowing the Z-Way Server and OpenHab to coexist.

  1. When choosing a controller to work with OpenHab2 on a Raspberry Pi, which ones do people prefer and why? - Any tips appreciated before I blindly purchase a Vera or Wink box.

Thanks for the help!


Is this what you are looking for?

99% of devices don’t use, or require security, so I don’t think it’s useless at all. I do agree it’s something that is important, and it is being worked on, but other than door locks, most devices should work fine I think. As pointed out earlier, you can use the 1.9 binding if you like as there is a version with security enabled.

Ha, sometimes one can be lucky. The Z-Way binding was posted last night :slight_smile: I hope it works well. I am testing it as soon as I get time.

I wasn’t aware of that, because I thought pretty much any new device out there would utilize secure / encrypted transfer. Anyway, I am left with 2/3 of my test devices not working with OpenHab2, while they work just fine with Z-Way.

Most new devices support security, but it’s not normally required, and it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use it. Security will slow down communications, and increase the transmissions being sent (generally double). This will use more battery life for starters, so generally other than for locks I would suggest to avoid using security.

You can of course update the database. I don’t know where Z-Wave gets it’s parameter database from (maybe pepper1?) but it’s not so hard to add devices if you like…

Anyway, I’m sure using ZWay is also fine and openHAB is about flexibility and options…

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The Z-Way binding is also not completely, but I will implement the missing types and functions soon. The most common device types should work: battery, binary sensor, multilevel sensor, binary switche, multilevel switch, switch control. What is currently missing is doorlock, thermostat and multilevel switch (blinds).

If more devices or device functions are missing, please let me know.

Yes, Z-Way using pepper1 database.