Openhab2 reinstalls on Raspberry Pi reboot

Hi guys,

I have been playing around with openhab for a few weeks now, and managed to get some philips hue lights connected and set up Panel UI.

However, i came to move my Raspberry Pi and rebooted the device, but the device went through initial setup. I left it to reinstall, and tried sudo reboot, and it did the same again.

I decided to buy a new Sandisk 32GB SD card for booting with, however after flashing with Etcher with version 1.5, the issue still occurs.

I have tried changing the permissions in openhabian-config, and different versions of openhab, but this has made no difference.

I used to be able to see the installation progress through my browser, however i cannot see this anymore for some reason. After pinging it in Terminal, i get numerous ‘request timed out’.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or know where to start looking?

Thanks in advance,

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