Openhab2 SamsungTV binding questions

I’ve just started to play around with openhab2, and i’m still struggling to understand the concepts behind. I’ve added the Samsung TV binding, and it autodiscovered my TVs. with autoapprove:enabled=true it also created/linked some channels, and i’m able to control the volume of all my TV through Basic and Classic UI, and I can also turn off some off my TVs, but not all, and i can turn on none. None of the TVs is showing the channel ID, channel name or Title in any of the UIs, but i dont need these anyway.

What i would like to do is open the web browser on my TVs with a specific URL and close them again after a while (switch back to TV mode) based on rules. I do understand this might be achieved with channels URL and SROPBROWSER, but how exactly ? Can someone point me to the correct direction ?

Regarding powering on a TV that is in deep sleep:
Thats not possible.
Unless you modify the firmware of your samsung tv.
Or you use an IR transmitter (or build one)

I use an ESP8266 with a few IR LEDs to switch the tv on, in case it was in standby mode.
It is connected to OH via mqtt.

Regarding the channel ID:
I can see the channel number, but now title or TV station.

I can only see my input channels:

But when i select HDMI2 it will be displayed as HDMI-CEC because it will get overwritten.
I have a UE40F6500 without any firmware modifications.
(It was rooted using the Skype method, but i did not keep an eye on that, now my root access seems to be disabled due to firmware updates)

Hi I´m trying to get my old Samsung TV UE46D8090YSXZG to accept openhab.

How do i get the two to talk to each other?