Openhab2 serial binding missing constraint

I’m developing an openhab2 binding which uses a serial port (RXTX). I’ve found nrjavaserial, and am importing When I try to run I get a "Missing Constraint: Import-Package:; version “0.0.0”. I’ve tried various things to get past the runtime error, to no avail. I’ve found, which seems to simply wrap RXTX, but no matter what I try (putting it in as a reference library, importing, etc), I get the same runtime error.

What am I missing?



Did you select the corresponding plug-in in the runtime settings in eclipse? You will find it in the Plug-ins tab, where you selected your new binding too.

Thanks! What you see makes perfect sense and worked. I’m still somewhat new to this whole Eclipse managed environment thing. I knew it had to be there, just could find it. I’ll remember the plug-in selections in “Run Configurations…” in the future.