openHAB2.service in failed state

Hi guys,
Just getting started in openHAB, but I’ve run into a block before I could get far. I’m installing openHAB on a spin of Debian Jessie, and when I try to /etc/init.d openhab2 start, the service always enters a failed state. I’ve attached a picture of the init.d openHAB2 status.

what is the output of java -version?
Try using Oracle or Zulu JVM
OH2 release used? (apt-get installation?)

Release is latest stable, but running java reminded me I hadn’t put it on here yet. DOH! I’ll install it and get back with you. I’d have thought it would install java jvm as a prereq in apt.

that’s not a bad idea actually :slight_smile:

OK, so I’ve got OpenJDK on the box now, but here’s the new output of status.

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I’ve had some problems in the past with OpenJDK on Jessie… can you try either Oracle or Zulu and see if things improve?

Try to execute: /usr/share/openhab2/ to see if you get more useful info

Also, if you can, post the contents of /usr/lib/systemd/system/openhab2.service

The rest seems unnecessary. I wget’d the .deb for Zulu OpenJDK, and installed that. Now the runtime is starting, We’ll see how it goes…

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Also, on a separate note, some of my posts that I had images linked in were hidden by “community members” as spam. Am I doing something wrong?

No clue why this happened… :frowning: :confused:
Maybe the forum software (discourse) has some kind of auto protection (rate limit) for new users? (i don’t know…)