openHAB2 setup for IFTTT realtime triggering

Can somebody provide a sample configuration for me for better understanding?

Have configured an item to be switched ON/OFF in openHAB2 ( and IFTTT reacts right but not realtime (up to 15 minutes delay). IFTTT should switch my A/C on and off through an intesishome app.

Have read about IFTTT realtime API and also about the openHAB REST API but i have no idea/plan how i can get openHAB2 and IFTTT connected together for such realtime operation. Is there any understandable configuration without being an expert?

Thanks Willi

My reading of the IFTTT docs is that the realtime API is implemented by the service providers. There is nothing you can do in configs to enable this for OH.

I recommend filling an issue/feature request (I’m not certain which repo, probably the openhab2-addons) to have the Cloud Connector add-on implement this API.

Thank you Rich, will do so.

BR willi