Openhab2 Snap config directory missing

Hi, after searching around, I couldn’t find an answer to where the config files are located for the snap version. After installing the snap version of Openhab2, testing it works through the browser. The issue is going to /etc/Openhab2 directory, that folder doesn’t exist. Could someone tell me where the config files exist?

That is not an official installation package . Ask whoever created it.

Oh I apologise. I did not realize that, I will find out from the creator then.

Thank you.

Not really,
We have an official Snap repository, but it might lack some maintanance.

Sorry I did not se that listed in our documentation.

Ther is an old issue regarding the missing config directory but never got fixed.

But I aslo see someone is maintaining it again

If that distribution is not properly maintained perhaps it should be deprecated
Anybody using snap should be able to move to Docker or the package, correct?

While both use container technology, and despite the fact that Docker has become synonymous with containers, they are not the same in purpose or use. Knowledge and skills gained by using and configuring the one do not necessarily apply to the other.

I thought snap was mainly one of the packaging systems that tries to cross Linux distributions.

Yes it is and it uses containers. But your post implied that snap was like docker so one could just easily move to from snap to docker. They are really quite different, even if the underlying technology that enables them both is the same.

The choice would be Docker or packages like apt. That was before I knew OH had a snap installation since I did not see that listed in the docs on the website.

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