Openhab2 - Using a configuration file


iam working on a Openhab2 binding and want to use a configuration file to set some properties.
If iam not mistaken the configuration files are stored in

What do i have to do to use the configurations in this file ?

greetings Philip

Note that the files have moved to
and you will require the new IDE setup.

You need to register some OSGi component that requires the configuration. From all 2.0 bindings so far, I am only aware of the Sonos binding that requires this so far: (note the “configuration-policy” option) and
smarthome/extensions/binding/org.eclipse.smarthome.binding.sonos/src/main/java/org/eclipse/smarthome/binding/sonos/internal/ at master · eclipse-archived/smarthome · GitHub

You should ask yourself whether you really need a global configuration option or if your setting might not be better a configuration value on a Bridge or a Thing.