openHAB2: valuecolor not changing in iOS app

I’ve noticed that the valuecolor property won’t be parsed by the iOS app.
This item…

      Text item=AlarmStatus valuecolor=["SCHARF"="red","UNSCHARF"="green"]

…works well via the web interface, but in the iOS app there’s no change of color visible (it stays black).
Is this known - and if not, where can I file the issue?


Hi Robert,

I had the same problem. Replacing color names by color codes in my sitemap resolved the problem. E.g. replacing “red” with “#ff0000”.


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perfect … thanks it works
how about labelcolor i am not able to make that work

Hi in the following code how can I add color values.
Example :valuecolor=[>25=“red”,>=15=“green”,>=5=“orange”,<=4=“blue”]

Number Temperature_A_Living     "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature>   (A_Living)      {mqtt="<[broker:livingroom/temperature:state:default]" }
Number Humidity_A_Living        "Humidity [%.0f %%]"    <humidity>      (A_Living)      {mqtt="<[broker:livingroom/humidity:state:default]" }