OpenHAB2 /webapps/static equivalent

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Much of the documentation refers to a directory /webapps/static which does not exist in the default installation. For instance it is required for setting up myopenHAB.persistence and the Weather binding under HTML Layouts.

Is this a folder that we need to create manually or is there a different place it should go in OH2?

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If I’m not mistaken it has been moved to conf/html

The folder to place files for the apt-get install is /etc/openhab2/html. You can access these files in URL/static

http://openhabip:8080/static/index.html will open a “Hello World” html file for example.

If you’re having trouble with the weather binding, I’ve made a post here detailing how to get the example to work with OH2

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Thanks a million @Benjy and @alexkirill.

I’ll be heading over to check the weather binding post as I’ve not got the weather binding to work as yet, but I think it’s more to do with my network as I’m using a hotspot from my phone (I can’t even SSH and go headless).

So I’ll set up OH2 directly on my Windows laptop and see how that goes. Once everything is working there I’ll migrate over to the Pi when I’m on my home network (I’m usually away hence no fixed network :frowning: )

If I find anything interesting I’ll post it up here. Cheers guys