Openhab2 with homegear xiaomi

Hi, i Use a raspberry3 with openhabian and homegear. In homegear i have installed the xiaomi bind. I add the gateway and a motion sensor.

What i want: if the motion sensor is triggered the light of the Gateway should switch on. After one minute it should switch off.

If i receive the motion state true i want send the switch on command to the Gateway, but i get an error in openhab.

2017-11-10 20:48:22.370 [ERROR] [.script.engine.ScriptExecutionThread] - Rule 'flur_bewegung': The argument 'command' must not be null or Empty. 

I try to send the command with true, „true“, on, 1, „1“. But i only get this error. I hope someone can help me.

Please post your rule. Remember to use code fences.

Code goes here