openHAB2 with Homematic CCU2 and Homematic IP things


I am pretty new in this theme of home automation (won’t say home improvement :slight_smile:) and started my life with a Homematic CCU2, 2x IP Window contacts and 2x IP Thermo valves.

In the begin I tried IP Symcon - and all components where catch- und usable.

Because I am a friend of OpenSource I decided to change to openHAB2.

My current state is:

  • installed on x86 and Debian Jessie as virtual KVM instance
  • HomeMatic Binding installed and working (comes back with “active”)
  • created the sub-systems of Binding
  • not able to retrieve any data from CCU2, can not see the HomeMatic IP devices.

Where did I went wrong.

From openHAB (1) I saw IP things have to be activated - but this file does not exist anymore.

Bindings version is 2.0.0.

Thanks for any advice


Hi - finally found it, activated the XML in wrong config file.

Would be nice to update docu.




could you please tekk me in which config file you made the changes and what changes?


Hi Dennis - I was wrong.

It simply took a long time - taking a look into the logs I saw openHAB is connecting to my CCU2 and activating both “languages”.

Now I have to create an UI …