Openhab2 zwave configuration properties - read only?

Is it possible to alter the properties displayed on a zwave sensor, ie reporting period (group 1 set to 3600).

When I hit edit on the sensor in paper ui, and then try and alter a value, the normally white tick turns gray and wont let me save it.

I think you can only change parameters using Habmin.

Thanks, I did some more digging around and may have found that. Are the node(x).xml files editible for the same purpose?

You can edit them but I’m pretty sure it is not appropriate to. I don’t think the binding actually reads those files in, it just writes it (they are used to add unknown devices to the zwave database). And even if it does read them in, I’m pretty sure that the binding treates them as a record of how the device is configured and it will not publish the property changes you make to the device. You need Habmin for that.