OpenHAB3.0 new option with Raspbee Phoscon Dresden Electronik

  • Platform information:
    • Raspberry PI
    • OpenHabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: 11
    • openHAB version: 3.15
  • Issue of the topic: Deconz Web UI light search

I used to start with Raspbian OS on my Raspberry PI 4B hardware as baseline for test of both Deconz Raspbee II earlier. I even got further with achieving OpenHAB 3 connection. For that I used to follow recipe described at RaspBee II Installation by deCONZ. This recipe even proposes guideline for hardware configuration. Latter did vent with success after some additional help from this community.

Now I got really happy when OpenHabian started providing deCONZ installation as an option on top of OpenHabian OS standard package. Unfortunately I have not been able so far to succeed with light search and finding my Philips Hue lights. Those lights are same ones I used earlier and my hardware platform been Raspberry PI 4B remained unchanged.

Is there anyone out there who managed this to work and gained understanding on possible challenges similar to mine?


in deconz or in openHAB?

deCONZ Web UI on 8081 - recommended port number.

Ok. And you get to the UI and then what? You search for new lights but none are found? Did you reset the lights?

That is correct, lights are not found. I do not have Hue bridge, as my intention was to fully rely on Raspbee II, Raspberry PI and OpenHAB. I did earlier also change my setup and configuration several times but first now become advised to conduct bulb reset. Why is that and are there other reset techniques for Hue bulbs?

You need to connect the bulbs to the deconz instance. As Long as That stays the same, you don’t Need a reset, no matter what other system (like openhab) connects to that same instance. If you change the deconz instance (I.e. create a new one, not an update of the same), you need to pair to the new instance. This is done by resetting the device and then searching for new devices in deconz.

The way devices are reset are different for each manufacturer (and sometime also for different devices of the same manufacturer). You should use google to find out how to do that.