Openhab3 Auto Generating Items


I have a problem after migrating to OH3, everything is fine and so on, my config files were moved to new locations, something showed up, ok. I try to work with model and add some things there. I use the strategy to create things in GUI and Items in file. Now when i add some things as equipment in model every ITEM is being duplicated with added semantics. How to avoid this behavior? Should i forget about file based config?

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There are several topics on the forum that go into this in detail if you search. The short answer is: the model page is not intended to link already existing items to the model. The model page allows for easy and rapid creation of items within the semantic framework.

If you already have items defined in files you have a couple of choices:

  1. Don’t both with the semantic model if you don’t need it. It is optional and really only contributes to the autogenerated tabs on the overview page (and HABbot if you have that installed).
  2. Build the semantic model into your item files using the semantic tags and equipment group structure.
  3. Stop using your item files and recreate all your items from scratch using the model page (this can be done fairly rapidly even for very large setups).

Each of these have their pros and cons that have been discussed elsewhere.

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